Mittwoch, 25. Dezember 2013

Thank you, dear Secret Santa!

Many People joined in on Plurk to celebrate "Secret Santa" My Secret Santa, gave a giftcard for Maitreya to me, can you imagine how lout i squeed in glee in front of my Screen? I admit, that i immediately run to Maitreya to spend the giftcard *blushes* When you see the new Releases you can see why. Dear Quiver Qintessa, i spent your gift on the cool new "Stagioni XTD Leather * Black" Boots by Maitreya. My dearest husband, gave me some LS as a Christmas gift, so i was able to also get:

Poise Dress * Cloud by Maitreya
Dahlia Socks * Dark Grey by Maitreya
Wool Cardigan * Coal by Maitreya

I love that you can Combine the Dress and Cardigan also Boots and Socks, but you can also wear them separate, the socks come with Flat and Tiptoe Options!

The Althea hair by Truth which i wanted so badly since i saw it on Plurk while i was on vacation and i could join the Belleza Group for their generous groupgift: 250 LS joinfee and you get three Skins with Special Christmas Makeups for ladies and also Skins for the guys.

The Elephant bag by Toki-Doki was available at The Dressing Room Fusion a few weeks ago.

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