Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

Twist and Shout on a white, sandy beach

Yes i love it! I got myself the new Alex Mesh head by LOGO I love the expressions so much, also there are appliers for my SLink Physique Body now.
Vintage Polka dot swimsuit by Kaithleen`s
Twist and Shout hairsytyles by Exile for The Arcade Gacha (opens June, 1st 2015)
Poses by  Ma Vie

And the livin` is easy

I did it! I got myself the new Alex Mesh head by LOGO I love the expressions so much, also there are appliers for my SLink Physique Body now.
Elena Geometry Dress by Kaithleen`s for Designer Showcase
Poses by  Ma Vie
Malea hair by TRUTH

Samstag, 30. Mai 2015

Willkamen in Dat Backhus

22769 ~ [Bauwerk] is going to release this adorable Bakery with Interieur for The Multicultural Menu starting on June, 1st 2015. The cute Yerba Mate Tea and Alfajores Cookies on the Table are by O.M.E.N. for the same Event.
Other Credits at the end of the Post

Keisha Grey Blue Ombre Jeans NEW by CandyDoll (Thanks for great customer Service)
Open Collar blouse by tres blah
Malibu heels groupgift by Essenz
Wokeup hair by Catwa

Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2015

Need some hot Stuff?

coldLogic has released for the hot summer days to come:

Booth Shirt
Budd Skirt
NEW by coldLogic
Indigo Glitter/Rainbow Black hair Gacha by Alice Project for The Thrift Shop
Tyne Skin by Amacci
Jessica Wedges by  FATEstep
Dollie Tattoo by Speakeasy for Suicide DollZ
Kylie Shirt
Kost Pants
NEW by coldLogic
Mint hair by Milana
Tyne Skin by Amacci
Wilde Sandals by  FATEstep
Tantra Tattoo by G.ID for Suicide DollZ
Tyree Shirt
Aubrey Skirt
NEW by coldLogic
Tyne Skin by Amacci
Nirvana Tattoo by Letis for The Thrift Shop
Ilya hair by ExXeSs 
Beach Ball pose not any longer available

Back to the Future

My Attic `s theme this month is "Back to the Future". Actually this was one of the first movies i ever saw at the Cinema without an adult as a Babysitter with me:
Lorraine Dress by Kaithleen`s
Kali Heels by Bushu
Other Credits
Tyne Skin by Amacci
Forever hair by Magika


When Shriya dances

Shriya hair with optional headdress (Texturechange) by Wasabi Pills for Uber
Hate Tattoo (leg) by Infected Thanks for awesome customer support
Henna Crazed Tattoo (Upper) by Pimp my Shit
Dancers of Gor poses by Virtual Props and Poses

Into the Woods

The last days of We heart Roleplay are running:
Gaea Dress by Storybook
Hellebore Boots by lassitude & ennui
Verna Skin by PXL incl Facetattoo
Irime hair by Ayashi
Other Credits
My oaken friend poses by HopScotch
Wood Elf ears by Lemon Tea
Sweet Vines Tatoo by TKS

Part of your World

Oceanica Skin and mer Outfit by Fallen Gods for We heart Roleplay
All hairstyles are from EMO-tions (not sure if they are still available)

Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015

The dark Side of Miss Eva

Eva Outfit (Skirt and vest)  by Songbird for World Goth Fair
CrystalSpider Tophat, RoseChoker and Lolita`s Midnight Parasol GACHA by deviousMind for Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Rigel Combination Tattoo by Letis
Vera Horror Skin by Glam Affair

Modern meets Tradition

UBER is open:
Shaaswat hair with and without Scarf (Texturechange) by Little Bones
Rapsodia Jacket with Shirt by Addams
Radi Jeans by Blueberry Boot Friendly
Suede Mesh Boots by lassitude & ennui

Gentlemen aren`t nice - The Liaison Collaborative

Tiny Memorial Garden for our beloved Amy/Scarlet Chandrayaan from Alouette . You will be missed lovely Soul.
If you want to remember her too, the tiny Garden is available at Dust Bunny
The Liaison Collaborative opened some days ago and i finally get to blog some cool things, it`s a gentlemen`s theme this month and i Chose the female things:
Breakfast Club Shirt Dress by Valentina E.
Agio Boots by ANE
Gentleman`s Glasses by Izzie`s
Locklynn hair by Damselfly
Katya Skin by Glam Affair


Montag, 25. Mai 2015

Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

Back to the Future Sports in my Attic

My Attic is open and the theme is "Back to the Future":
AeroStep by W.Winx & Flair (colourchange)
Foxy hair by Doe
Shorts and Top by Le Primitif

Other Credits:
Tyne Skin by Amacci
Embellished Short Socks Gacha by Glam Affair for Shiny Shabby
Midnight in Paris Tattoos by White Widow for Shiny Shabby