Freitag, 5. Februar 2016

Feel the Forest Breeze

Forest Breeze Outfit by BlueMoon Enterprises for Fair Play
The Huntress poses by HopScotch
Love Song hair by Magika
Niska Petals Skin by Lumae
Ealf ears by Tuli

Winter Fun

HiLo Shift dress by Gossip
Elspeth hair by TRUTH
Madison Flats with Socks by REIGN for Fameshed
Cozy Tights by Izzie’s
Harley Skin by Pink Fuel 

Bloodred Mona

We heart Roleplay is open with all the awesome things:
Aly Top and Skirt by Salt & Pepper
Mona hair by Runaway
Akuma Ring Collar by Le Forme

Other Credits
Elea Skin by Lara Hurley

A real Midnight Madness!

Midnight Madness is a brandnew Event:
Every first Friday Special stores will have a free gift in their Store on a Special Midnight Madness Board. The Boards are set to a certain amount of Clicks, only filled Boards will send out the gifts at Midnight. A great Event to bring back the People to the mainstores.
Today everyone was very excited, the Sims of the participating stores were full of People wating for the boards to open. And dammit the Boards refused to work *lol* After about 20 Minutes the Organizers and Creators decided to set out the Midnight Madness items as gifts until Midnight SLT.
Me fellow Blogger Monica Querrien listed all items and Stores.
Charisma Dress by Just BECAUSE
Stirling Sleeves by Vinyl
Thread hair by Magika
I wish better luck to this Event for March!


It`s a Darling Friday

Darling Dress by Pixicat for 50 LS Friday
Onyx Heels Fatpack by REIGN for 50 LS Friday
Gadhra metals jewelry FREE only TODAY by Salt & Pepper for Midnight Madness (due to technical Problems set as a gift instead of MM Board)
Lust is not a sin Tattoo by Endless Pain for The Alchemy
Hebe Glamour Eyeshadow by La Boheme for We heart Roleplay
Kissable Lips Satin - bold by La Boheme for We heart Roleplay
Whole Lotta Love Face Paint by La Boheme for Vintage Valentine Hunt

Mer on Heels

I am too late for Wieverfastelovend (Fat Thursday in Cologne/Germany) but i am in time for Rosenmontag (Highlight of the german carnival)
WASD 12 Female Dress by VRSION for The Chapter 4
The inner mermaid leg Tattoo by Antielle
Gradient Mer Scales (upper Body) by even Tide
The Rising Tides hairstyle is by Exile
Erin Skin by Lara Hurley
Brenda heels by Legendaire


Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

The Winner takes it all

Laced Dress VIP groupgift (free to join) by Neve 50% off sale
Baroque Corset Tights by Antielle
Loose Ends hair by Exile
Isla Skin by League
Boots and poses not any longer available