Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014

The Unseelie Court


A new round at The Seelie Court started. I am happy to Show you some of the gorgeous items there, make sure you watch the Video to see what is so Special about the Mask and the antennaes:
Sister Nightfall gown by Poet`s Heart
Glowbulb Antennae by Southpaw
Glamour Mask Winter by Arcadia
Underdark Lipstick by Senzafine

Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014

Mystic Realms Faire #12

The Mystic Realms Faire is open: Sim1 and Sim2
Fortuna hair by Tableau Vivant
Baenre Dress by The Library
Princess nailpolish by Ma Vie
sprq sandals by JD
Captive Moon horns by CC Kreations
Captive Stars Tail - Day by CC Kreations
Eridia`s Eye Circlet by Keystone
Penny - Magic Creature Skin by Glam Affair
Spellbinder poses by Nantra


Sunshine in my Autumn Retreat

Lots of great Events just start in SL:
Patty Halloween Skin by Izzie`s for L`Amitie Market
Autumn retreat with windlight and pumpkins by 22769 for L`Amitie Market
Fairyboo Dress by Fi`s Creations for B!BH3 hunt
Michigan Heels groupgift by Essenz
Nailpolish by La Boheme for River Styx hunt

Witch Way?

Shocktober is the month of groupgifts:
Blooddripping tears, necklace and bracelets groupgift by Izzie’s
Sia - Dead Doll Skin groupgift by Glam Affair
Witch hair groupgift by Argrace
Skelly Dress by ViVi for B!BH3 hunt
Samantha Sandals groupgift by Zanzibar Creationz
Pumpkin nailpolish groupgift by ZOZ
Necklace groupgift by Maxi Gossamer
Witch Way poseprop by Virtual Props and Poses

Freitag, 17. Oktober 2014

Pretty Belinda

She lived in a boathouse down by the river,
Every one called her pretty belinda,
Went to the boathouse down by the river,
Just for a look at pretty belinda.
All of my loving wanted to give her,
Soon as i saw her pretty belinda.
Lived in a boathouse down by the river,
Wanted to have her pretty belinda.
Her eyes are exciting, her hair it looks golden,
Her lips were inviting, and my heart she's stolen

Belinda onepiece Outfit NEW by Jada Humby Designs
Lea hair NEW by ExXeSs 
Shyla Skin by Belleza
Ripped old Chucks Gacha by CLAVv for Kustom9

Cozy Fall with coldLogic - Part 2

coldLogic shirt - otis
coldLogic pants - abbey
coldLogic just released a cozy and comfy fall line:
Roberta hair by Wasabi Pills for FaMESHed
Fae Skin by Lara Hurley

Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

Cozy Fall with coldLogic - Part 1

coldLogic just released a cozy and comfy fall line:
coldLogic pants - tibbs
coldLogic shirt - weston
Azusa hair by Argrace
Ava Skin groupgift by Belleza
Midnight Skies jewelry by Glint
Bramley Bicycle poseprop by What Next

coldLogic pants - tibbs
coldLogic shirt - tuttle Cardigan wearable without Tank
Dariela hair by TRUTH
Patty Skin by Izzie’s
Burning Wood Stove by Sway`s
Owls and Walldeco by Izzie’s
Poses by EverGlow
coldLogic pants - hoyt
coldLogic shirt - minner
Sunflower poses by exposeur for Candy Fair
Suggestive hair by Exile for Uber
Isla Skin by League