Samstag, 31. Oktober 2015

Where the pretty Witches go

Halloween Witch Dress by LEGENDAIRE
Laan hair by ExXeSs 
Vera-Horror Skin by Glam Affair
Secret Treat poses by NANTRA

Izzie makes me sick

Izzie`s has a really cool groupgift out: Sick Willis Skin, now Shay Looks like i did RL the past week.
Loozy neck-up knot by M.BIRDIEstory for UBER
Leggings Pants by M.BIRDIEstory for UBER
The Vana hair by Olive for UBER
UGZ boots by JD for UBER
Poseprop not any longer available

It`s Halloween and guess what?

I was Feeling sick in the past week, so no Blogging for me. And now it rang at my door and i realized: i forgot about Halloween Candies! Well then, sorry dear RL Kids i can give you a cold with shivers and fever, or a pack of tomatoe soup with ghost shaped noodles in it...

Peek Top ombre by Neve by coldLogic
Zeezee lively Leggings by Neve by coldLogic
Chanel hair by Wasabi Pills for UBER
My Familiar poseprops by Juxtapose
Ivory Cross necklace by Cento Pallini

Samstag, 24. Oktober 2015

Aneko`s Bloody Socks

New Detroit T-shirt by a.e.meth for 20TWENTY
Mystik Collar by NeverWish for 20TWENTY
Drunk in Love posechair by Vanity Poses for 20TWENTY
Bloody Socks  NEW by Izzie`s
Aneko hair with optional crown by Damselfly for Wayward Halloween
Vera-Horror Skin by Glam Affair
Blood Splatter by Songbird for Carver`s End

Who`s scary now?

Karen Bib Dress - Skeleton with matching tights (incl. appliers) gift by G*Field
Spider Friends (animated and static) by Izzie`s for The Fantasy Collective
Lydia booties by Ingenue for Collabor88
Mima Skin by Laqroki
E. Runyan`s Peepers with mesh shine add-on by Evermore for 20TWENTY

Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2015

20TWENTY in the Witches Corner

20TWENTY started the first round, check the official Blog for previews and all SLURLS.
Kat Dress by Senzafine for 20TWENTY
Lydia booties by Ingenue for Collabor88
Halloween Skin 03 and Circle Eyes by PXL for Wayward Halloween Gacha
Witches Corner with three poses by Touryuumon
Southpaw -Henna RARE Tattoo by White Widow for The Epiphany

Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015

20TWENTY just started

20TWENTY started the first round, check the official Blog for previews and all SLURLS.
Avatar Bizarre made this gorgeous texturechange Hibari Kimono for 20TWENTY
Mima Skin by Laqroki
Teahouse by Mistique

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

Occult? In these shoes?

Occult Dress and Jacket by ISON (from a recent Collabor88)
In These shoes? hair by Exile for Collabor88
Sia Ghost Skin by Glam Affair
Lydia booties by Ingenue for Collabor88
Maleficent Tattoo by Endless Pain for AKH4H Hunt

Rude Imp makes my horns grumpy

Rude Imp RARE from Mischievious Imps by lassitude & ennui for TAG Gacha
WindSong Gown - Halloween Edition 75 LS by Evie`s Closet
Halloween Skin 04 by PXL for Wayward Halloween Gacha
Gifts from The Seasons Story anniversary:
Grump Horns by Silent Sparrow
Coco Eyes by Umeboshi


The girl of autumn

Neve by coldLogic released superhot yet cozy autumn Sweaters
Follow - Lively top by Neve by coldLogic
Keisha Grey Blue Ombre Jeans by CandyDoll
Moon Tattoo by Infected
Clutter hair by Magika
Lace Up Boots by Coco
Isla Skin by  League
Poses by Ma Vie 

Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015

This is Witchcraft, Baby

Witchdress and Wand by BlueMoon Enterprise for XIV Pyre Hunt
Bloodthirst applier by Izzie`s for TLC for Alex Mesh head LOGO
Strange and Unusual hair by Exile for Collabor88
Death Grip Choker by ISD
Witches Corner poseprop by Heart Homes
Witch Hut by Heart Homes