Samstag, 29. März 2014

Freitag, 28. März 2014

Skin Fair 2014 - PixyStix

PixyStix has pretty new Skins for you at the Skin Fair 2014
Find the pretty Circe and Donine Skins there, and the cute Winnifred - Primrose Skin as a gift.

Skin Fair 2014 - Amacci

Meet TYNE, the new Skin by Amacci for Skin Fair 2014
I am showing the cream skintone here, it Comes with 12 beautiful Makeups and also a clear Skin with Lip Tattoos and a complimentary shape


Call me Dorothy

50 LS Friday Shopping:
Dorothy Blushing Dress by Junbug
Mokatana - The Diva Dress by Glam Affair
Jet Heels by Friday
Marzia hair and Spring Dreaming headbandd by pritty for TDRF

Montag, 24. März 2014

Skin Fair 2014 - Zoul Creations

Zoul Creations has 3 pretty Skins for Skin Fair 2014 they come in 8 pretty skintones and each tone with 10  eye Makeups and  lipsticks



Skin Fair 2014 - DREAM INK

DREAM INK is presenting the lovely GIA Skin at Skin Fair 2014
Gia comes in 6 skintones and each with 20 pretty Makeups.

In my Fairy Ring

Time for some fairy romance
My Attic "march" is open:
Fairy Ring with poses by W.Winx & Flair
Mientje hair by MINA
Hahn Blouse and Kallie Leggings by Leri Miles Designs
Nail polish applier by FLAIR
Ailis Wings by Sakide for Irish Gacha
Aria Skin by Glam Affair for ARCADE
Butterfly jewelry by Izzie`s for The Boutique


Sonntag, 23. März 2014

Skin Fair 2014 - Clef de Peau

Isn`t she lovely? Jemma by Clef de Peau for Skin Fair 2014
There are 6 stunning Makeups available and of course a bare Skin, each Skin includes, brows, freckles and blush on Tattoo layers.

ATTIC Barbie

I felt the Need for a pink Post *winks*
My Attic "march" is open:
Tetroz Skirt and Top in different colours by LACUNA
1985 hair by Exile
Nail polish applier by FLAIR
I added the cute Meg Satchel i got from Noodles for ARCADE Gacha and how about the lovvely  Jemma Skin by Clef de Peau for Skin Fair 2014?

Freitag, 21. März 2014

Skin Fair 2014 - ND/MD

ND/MD hast the beautiful Mayka Skin for Skin Fair 2014
I am showing here the pale skintone, it Comes with optional teeth

Skin Fair 2014 - IREN

Each Skin includes matching Mesh Hands with tintable nails and of course also appliers for SLink etc.

Skin Fair 2014 - Nar Mattaru

Nar Mattaru has the stunning FREYA Skin exclusive for Skin Fair 2014 there are six skintones available, appliers, a complimentary shape and free Makeup for you. also check on the pretty Erys Skin


Donnerstag, 20. März 2014

coldLogic Spring Release - The dresses

coldLogic Spring Releases arrived and i am starting with the Dresses... so many new pretty Dresses and so many cute colours to Chose from

The Rain or Shine hairstyles are by Exile for ARCADE Gacha

Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

You can`t hold me down!

Ryka Skin_Pushup_Luscious_Shimmer by BoobieLicious for Skin Fair 2014
Janet Jacket & Layla Bodice + accessories NEW by FA Creations 
Judy hair by  D!va for Collabor88
Overknee Boots by lassitude & ennui 

Marzanna is a Kitty Girl

Got some more from Luck of the Irish Gacha:
=^.^=MS=^.^={Neko Mini Dress } Red
*Reign.- MaryJanes- Lace- Rare
-{ZOZ}- Solid Stripe Abyss 2 Polish Single - Slink Huds
Other Credits
Marzanna hair NEW by ExXeSs
Celestial - red China fairy Skin by Al Vulo for The Dressing Room
Cat Tights by Izzie`s

Montag, 17. März 2014

Luck of the Irish

I can`t resist Gachas *lol*
And so i went to the Luck of the Irish Gacha:
~ Kawaii ~ Beer Maid Dress (Luck)
*Reign.- MaryJanes- Tan (for medium SLink Feet)
[V/I] Slink Hands Fingernails Applier - LEPRECHAUN #5
Other Credits:
Pose not any longer available

Sonntag, 16. März 2014

Kiss me i`m (not) irish!

Right! It`s that time of the year again. St. Patrick`s Day. How about having a Party in an irish Pub? With Guiness and a cool irish style Buffet? Or would you prefer a romantic Dinner with your loved one?

Where to get what you Need? HERE:

Sneaky Shamrock Pub" Bar Complete Set

"Sneaky Shamrock Pub" Barrel Table Addon

Aphrodite St Patrick's buffet- St Patricks party set

St Patricks romantic table for two

Diva Dress by Chrysalis

Perla hair by Truth

Antique Clover jewelry by WTG

Twig Antlers not any longer available

Demi Skin green/pink by BoobieLicious for Skin Fair 2014

Skin Fair 2014 - No. 7

get lots of interesting Makeup layers there, like the Fatasy Makeups and the Sporty Lipsticks

Skin Fair 2014 - 7 Deadly s{K}ins

7 Deadly s{K}ins has the stunning WRATH Skin for Skin Fair 2014 
It comes in  skintones, with and without freckles and different cleavage Options. Also there are Beautiful Makeups on Tattoo layers available, as well as a complimentary shape.
For the guys there is the Sammael Skin available.

Freitag, 14. März 2014

Bonded Love for Fifty LS Friday

The Morrigan Outfit is THE deal for 50 LS Friday at The Plastik see below what is included for the Little Money!
The pretty FREYA Skin in Ivory is Nar Mattaru for Skin Fair 2014 Lips and eyeshadow are a gift at the Fair.

Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

Skin Fair 2014 - Rockberry PREVIEW

Be sure to join our Pale Girl Productions Info Group which will get demos before the event opens and even better, a 24 hour head start on the shopping**!
Skin Fair 2014 Doors will open March 14 at 12:01am SLT.
Rockberry has an adorable new Skin for you, it`s called MIRA and it Comes with 12 pretty Makeups and optional freckles. I am showing the natural skintone here.