Sonntag, 19. April 2015

The Wayward Hunt is on

The Wayward Hunt is on, the first hunt in years i did completely. I am amazed by the Quality of the huntgifts. Okay not everything is my style, but still the Quality is great.

But i have something to say to some of the creators: Setting out Decoys makes you a loser, what about People with slower Computers, for me you just make sure, i will skip your store for the future. Also automatical groupinviters, that IM me + open an extra window. This is really annoying, if i want to join your store Group, i know how to do it, you don`t need to spam me. More stores that i won`t visit again so soon.

Ayashi – Alice Hair 
7 Deadly s{K}ins - Wayard Alice Skin
1992xMULIER – Obsidian Bag
Essenz – Mumbai Heels
Exposeur – Girl At The Window Pose 
Imeka – Rose Ring in Black & White
Izzie’s – Watch Bracelet 
Keystone – Annyn Nosechains 
Mayfly – Luminous Mesh Eyes (Vernal)
Moon Amore – Traveler Necklace 
Ninety – Candy Bangles
VinCue – Maxxi Dress Lined 

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