Samstag, 25. April 2015

Skatergirl in my bedroom

Sway`s for UBER - Tyler Bedroom
Bed - with 14 single and 10 couple animations, Adult version + 10 adult animations, 4 texture options (5 Li)
Beanbag - 14 single animations, 8 texture options (2 Li)
Table lamp - light on / off by touch, 4 texture (1 Li each)
Streamer curtain - solid and sheer, 4 texture options (4 Li)
Plants - 2 different potted plants, each pot with 4 texture options (1 Li each)
Flamingo neon sign - light on / off by touch (3 Li)
Shelf - simple wooden shelf (1 Li)
Books - big and small stack of books (1 Li each)
Sway's [Tyler] is available as a complete set and also separate.

Also there is a new round at The Dressing Room Fusion:
Unwrap me Dress Limited Edition by SYSY`s
Ombre Tights by Izzies
Floral Rocks jewelry by League for The Wayward Hunt
Rose Ring by Imeka for The Wayward Hunt
Julep poses by An Lar for The Wayward Hunt
Blair hair by Wasabi Pills for UBER
Pink Stripe Skates RARE by before sleep for Fleek Gacha

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