Sonntag, 1. März 2015

The Disadvantage of being SLamous

Just when you think, you can enjoy some quiet time at home, relax and wear cozy clothes, they seem to appear out of the blue: the Paparazzi from the Yellow Press. They want to know everything, who the handsome guy attending me last week is (not telling), if i wear designer clothes when i am at home and whose creations i wear....

I think i need to move or Need a better Security...

Anyway, here is my Cover:
What Shayariel wears at home:
Pants 151 - Jennings with and without beltloops NEW by coldLogic
Shirt - York NEW by coldLogic
The Abby styled hair is NEW by Wasabi Pills for UBER
The lacey Lucy Heels are brandnew by lassitude & ennui
The Fae Makeup is by Lara Lara Hurley
The nailpolish is NEW by Flair
Shay poses in by Ma Vie 
Singer - Paparazzi by Rowne for Arcade Gacha

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