Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Davina`s Soul

Soul is part of the Skin Fair 2015 They are releasing the gorgeous Davina Skin in huge range of skintones. I love that you can get various Kissers Mouths as add-ons, sadly i sucked at matching it. But if you read my blog for a longer time, you know that i have been too stupid for things like that all my SL Long. If you can teach me how to do it right, please do it. I am grateful then <3
FATEstep has landed in our lives! One shoe = lots of Options, and the best is: there are shoes for ladies, gents and Unisex. They fit the Default Avatar feet, SLink Feet and Maitreya Feet too. Each shoe Comes with optional socks. Out of a Range of 20 great shoes i Chose the FATEstep DEnton Pumps to go with the Aston Dress which is brandnew by coldLogic The Shirt and bow are optional.
The Fynn hair is brandnew by TRUTH and it was love at first sight, it come with and without headband.
Poses by  Ma Vie 

Davina with Kissers

Davina without Kissers

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