Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2017

Strawberry in Hamburg

The Speicherstadt in Hamburg is one of the most amazing places. If you ever get to visit Hamburg, don't miss out on it, i know what i am talking about, bcs i live next door to Hamburg...40 minutes with the underground to the Speicherstadt.

The Destination: Hamburg Set is by 22769/Bauwerk

Strawberry hair by Wasabi Pills for FaMESHed

Tiffany Jacket by Blueberry

Tali Leather Pants by Blueberry

Connie Boots by Friday

Lara Mesh Body, Bento hands and Feet  by Maitreya
Catya bento mesh head by CATWA

I dressed up some days ago and cannot remember for my Life which skin i used...i am sorry.

Original Photo taken by me on a grey cold day in November 2014 with a smartphone, please excuse the
crappy Quality

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