Samstag, 7. November 2015

Looks like an early Winter

Maybe i told you already, that i will spent the rest of the year in Hospital due to my Depression with slow Wifi. So i talked to my landlord, if i should leave my land autumn style or prepare for winter already. She voted for Winter, now i have a snowy place among all the colourful autumn homes.
Frosty Rustic Garden Set with tiny icicles (Table, Chairs (8 anims), Vase with winterberries) by Hanaya
Frosty Wreath Carriage Lantern by Hanaya
Christmas tree different shapes and snowy + traditional by Sway`s for MIX
Wishing Well + Bucket with 10 single poses and 8 couple poses (snow add-on available) by Sway`s for MIX
Long Sleeve Bandage skirt by Zenith for FaMESHed
Fringe Boots by Bueno for FaMESHed
Cozy Tights by Izzie`s
Darkness Falls hair with hat by Magika
Pearls of Venus necklace by Sad Harlekin
Elea Skin by Lara Hurley
Glasses and bag not any longer available

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