Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015

Yearbook Smile Challenge

Strawberry Singh is back with her Monday Challenges:
I didn`t want to use a Mesh Head that doesn`t look like me, nor am i fan of mesh mouthes.
So you get a decent smile with my SL Face.
Preppy Sweater and Bow by Tres Blah
Tiffany hair by Wasabi Pills for FaMESHed
Vers Skin by Glam Affair (was for a recent 50 LS Friday)
Eternal Eyes - Field  by IKON
Teeth were a Freebie by Pididdle
 Yearbook Poseprop by oOo PoseStudio

This is my Senior Class Pic.
We actually had no idea the photographer would come...
Guess who i am!
The Girl that got called fat and ugly all the time and i was stupid enough to believe them.
Today i look at that pic and wish i would have known what a gorgeous Girl i have been then...

Do i remember my class mates? Let`s see:

Anna, Frau Reineke (Teacher), Nadja, arrogant blond Chick, Binefs and the Bitch that was working on a travel agency later.
Christian, Wiebke, Ilka, Susanne, Simone
Sascha, Christian, Mattis, Niels, Guy from Switzerland, Guy that comitted suicide, Stefan, Maik

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  1. Very pretty smile! I can't tell who you are in the RL pic though, lol.