Samstag, 16. August 2014

Love Ulaa goes on

I told you about the Love Ulaa Event HERE already, please read it, if you haven`t yet. What you can do to help?
Shop at Love Ulaa Event or at Ulaa`s store  FunkyJunk or donate directly:
Why i Support this Event? Because i love my mom too and i would be grateful for any help to see her, when she is very sick and i couldn`t afford to go there.
Igraine Dress by even.flow for Love Ulaa Event
Rock on Necklace by Bokeh for Love Ulaa Event
Hart hair by ploom for Love Ulaa Event
Fayruz earrings by Fetch for Love Ulaa Event
Posey Heels by Boom for Love Ulaa Event
Deco Marquis nailpolish by La Boheme for Love Ulaa Event
Look at me poses by nani for Heart Ulaa Event
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