Freitag, 8. November 2013

Shoetopia is near

I am so so excited about SHOETOPIA
There will be shoes! - Of course! And even more, like poses to Show off your new shoes, Stockings to make your legs pretty.... If you want to demo all the new shoes without Lag you should join the Shoetopia Demo Group: 255e267c-e120-635c-af24-4636c27c1e1f
Do you know what it`s like finding a good pair of shoes? You go to the store to have a look and then: you Need lots of time to try all the shoes!

When i couldn`t decide on my own, i called my boyfriend that i Need his help and it is really is an Emergency!

While he was really helpful for some pairs of shoes, he got bored soon and i wasn`t really happy about it!

Shoe Shopping posing set by Kokolores

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