Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Feeling Overhigh

I blame my lovely fellow Blogger Cami Mahovlich, she told about a new store she discovered and i had to know which store she was talking about: Overhigh by Marry Lemur. It`s also new to me and dang, why didn`t i hear about it earlier?
I spent my last LS at Overhigh for this supercute Elle Jacket and and Moria Shorts, but i will Need to get new LS soon, because: Shoetopia opens soon and lassitude & ennui is part of it, the Prudence Selene Boots are an older release though.

Other Credits:
Dream of Paradise hair by Exile
Avatar Enhanced nailpolish "Ribbon" by  D!va for Kawaii Mini Hunt
Vintage jewelry by League
Basic Shirt by Kokolores
Tights by ?
P.S.: There is also a cute groupgift by Overhigh in the store.

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