Montag, 11. November 2013

Best & Worst Meme

Strawberry Singh has a new Meme Best & Worst Meme
1. Best thing about Second Life: I can explore, meet new People and be whatever i want
Worst thing about Second Life: Lag and some stupid People
2. Best thing in your inventory: all the clothes, hair and skins
Worst thing in your inventory: Gestures
3. Best earliest SL memory: Roleplaying with my friends and doing mischief at the Drumcircle.
Worst earliest SL memory: SL relationship with some effing idiot from Texas!
4. Best thing you learned because of SL: I improved my english and i learned to love blogging
Worst thing you learned because of SL: Some People pretend to be nice and suddenly they Show their true face and yet some People kiss their ass. Guess they are afraid of being bullied by said persons.
5. Best thing about blogging: Meeting fellow Bloggers and getting inspired by them, when a creator lets me know that he/she likes what i do. Review Copies are always like Christmas to me it`s not self-evident to recieve them. THANK YOU! Also when i apply for an Event and i am lucky to be Chosen, this is a wonderful Feeling.
Worst thing about blogging: Being lumped up into the same category with other bloggers that don’t really blog for the love of blogging, but do it so they can either beg for free things, harass designers or use it as a platform to spread hate and unnecessary Drama. (Berry found the perfect words, so i Keep them here because i agree)
6. Best thing to have with french toast: Maple Syrup
Worst thing to have with french toast: Ketchup

D-Line Sweater incl scarf by DCNY
Crop Jeans by SLink
Vanity Boots by SLink
Gloves by Coco
Isla Skin by League
Earmuffs by Nanan
Hair and poseprop not any longer available