Samstag, 23. April 2016

Thou, light-winged Dryad of the trees

 Fantasy Faire 2016 is open! There are many awesome stores and they all Donate to Cancer Reseach Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.
Click *HERE* for all participating designer and Landmarks to their Mainstores and where to find them on the Fantasy Fairegrounds. Shopping Catalogue on Pinterest

 “Thou, light-winged Dryad of the trees, 
 In some melodious plot 
 of beechen green, and shadows numberless,
Singest of summer in full-throated ease.”
~John Keats 1795 - 1821~

Dryad Dress-IvyCollar-Bracelet by .AiShA. for FF2016
Dryad Mask by .AiShA. for FF2016
Summer Ruins prop by Simply Shelby for FF 2016
Wood Nymph Skin by Fallen Gods Inc 
Uni Ears-High Elf by Soul
Adela hair by Entwined
Blue Bird poses by No Strings Attached

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