Montag, 25. April 2016

Dancing Lightbearer

  Fantasy Faire 2016 is open! There are many awesome stores and they all Donate to Cancer Reseach Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.
Click *HERE* for all participating designer and Landmarks to their Mainstores and where to find them on the Fantasy Fairegrounds. Shopping Catalogue on Pinterest 

Bo :Believe: (W) Rosefire skin RFL ITEM with all the appliers by Stix for FF 2016
Jannah Dance Outfit by Oak & Elm for FF 2016
Lightbearer of Hope (RFL) with headpiece by Spyralle for FF 2016
Verdandi Gold ring by Lilith`s Den for FF 2016
Something Wicked nailpolish by Dark Passions for FF 2016
Sorrel hair with optional Flowers by TRUTH for UBER
Dancers of Gor poses not any longer available

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