Mittwoch, 6. April 2016

In Dreams

 In dreams we do so many things
 We set aside the rules we know
 And fly above the world so high
 In great and shining rings
If only we could always live in dreams
 If only we could make of life
 What, in dreams, it seems
~In Dreams by Roy Orbison~

Cute Spring Gacha (Corset, Panties, Garter, Wings, Shoes, Skirt and more) by Belle Parisienne for SWANK
Chelsea Flowers (headress and horns) Gacha by Astralia for The Chapter Four
Bellona necklace Gacha by Tia for The Gathering
Butterfly Spring Tips nailpolish by ZOZ
Carmela hair by TRUTH 
Fae Skin by Lara Hurley
Poses by Winx & Flair

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