Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

FALLing with coldLogic Part 3

coldLogic  has an XXXL Fall release, get your purses ready for you will Need everything:
coldLogic outfit - faulkner.sunrise
Peggy T-Straps by
Katya Skin by Glam Affair
Elika hair by Elikatira
Pose not any longer available
coldLogic outfit - amend
Gina Boots by G*Field
Dusty hair by Magika
Irene Skin by Izzie’s
Tights by Izzie’s
Necklace and poses not any longer available
coldLogic outfit - kissinger / Shirt wearable without dress
Fae Skin by Lara Hurley
Dancing on my own hair by Exile for The Arcade
Toeless Leggings by Flair


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