Freitag, 5. September 2014

EFFF you very much - The Twisted Hunt is on

The Twisted Hunt is running, while the very first hunt was still fun to do, the Twisted Hunt turns out into the who sets up the most Decoys competition. Sorry, but no hunt item is the worth that i waste my time that way. If you use area search with the number of the store: in many stores the hunt item is marked with "free", but not at all stores.

Enough ranting: Thanks to those creators that sent their items my way and those that didn`t make it too hard to find the hunt item.

Leggings and Tank by Fission for Twisted Hunt
Warped eyes and Tears Tattoo by Pin me Down for Twisted Hunt
Evolution Tattoo by Collisions for Twisted Hunt
Flying Time Choker by LIKKA*House for Twisted Hunt
Twisted time Pendant by Songbird for Twisted Hunt
Scrying Ruins prop by Souzou Eien for Twisted Hunt

Cassiopeia hair by LaNoir Soleil Designs for TSG Hunt
Skye - Asia 10 Skin by Glam Affair for The Arcade Gacha
Nailpolish by La Boheme for Mabon Harvest Hunt

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