Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

Travelling the World with Fashion for Life

Fashion for Life 2014  is open go and shop for the good cause: Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society
Find all stores and SLurls in this post:
Halter Tiger Dress by Pixel Passion for FFL Gacha
Brandell hair by Damselfly for FFL
Wild Black nailpolish by ZOZ for FFL
Shereece Skin by Deluxe Body Factory for FFL
Passport Bag- Brasil by Redux for FFL Gacha
Bohemian Salon Slippers by Eclectica for FFL

Summer Dress by Nya`s for FFL
Tampa shoes by Essenz for FFL
Kalan bracelet by Opal for FFL
Nailpolish # 217 by Flair for FFL
Floret - White RARE by Poute for FFL Gacha
Zendaya hair by Damselfly for FFL
Aimi - cocoa Skin by Center Ville Maison for FFL
Beach Bag with Kitty RARE by FireBird Designs for FFL Gacha
Silk Road Pants and Tunic by Spyralle for FFL
Emma Skin by Envyme for FFL
Sunny Sandals by SYSY`s for FFL
Safari Nails by Frogstar for FFL
My Safari Handbag by Frogstar for FFL Gacha
Princess Rose headdress by Feel for FFL

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