Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014

Fashion for Life 2014 starts soon - Why i relay

Fashion for Life 2014 is opening on June, 7th to the Public and you can shop for the good cause and donate to Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

We all are affected by cancer in many ways. I lost relatives to it, my grandma and also my grandpa, but i remember most the way my wonderful brother in law suffered. He was 22 when pancreas cancer was diagnosed, he was married to my 18 years old sister for 8 Months then and their Baby Girl was 4 months old. There was no Chance of healing it, his parents tried everything and paid for a lot of private Treatments. I was 10 years old , when he died one year later. I remember what he looked like only for weeks before his death and i will never Forget this.

This horrible Cancer destroyed not only his small Family, it affected everyone of us. Even now, 27 years later, i still cry when i think about it. You see why it`s important to me to Support the Cancer Society to find a Treatment for all kinds of cancer.

Let me Show you now some of the Donation items, you can purchase at Fashion for Life 2014 i will publish the SLurls to FFL shortly before it opens:

Dress Exclusive for FFL by Fission
Ana Maria Skin incl appliers for FFL by Deluxe Body Factory
"Love" nailpolish (SLink) for FFL by ZOZ
Rosa Espadrilles for FFL by Mon Cheri
Floret - purple Hair Flower FFL Gacha by Poute
Love hair by EMO-tions
Arturo jewelry by Donna Flora in loving Memory of Squinternet Larnia

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