Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2016

Join the Hair Fair Demo group

Little Bones
Hair Fair 2016 is so Close! I can already hear the scissors cutting hair...
As every year i want to tell you about the Hair Fair Demo Group:
This is a most amazing Group which is free to join: on Friday, July 15th all creators will send their Hair Demos through the Group. So you can try all the hair without lag and you can prepare your Shopping List.
DO NOT accept any Group invites for Hair Fair when you have to pay, they are fake Groups! There are no gift cards, reduced prices cards, or anything that suggests some kind of deal at the event. If you are sent any such item, decline and abuse report. 
Once you visit the fairgrounds: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-4 will derender all Avatars, which means less lag for you. There will be no Script Limit for Avatars.
In total there will be 4 Shopping sims and also 2 Cam Shopping sims (for the first few days).
All purchases will donate a Percentage to Wigs for Kids so new hair Comes along with a good cause!
All the hair shown is already available.



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