Freitag, 4. September 2015

They call me the Wanderer

 We heart Roleplay  opens later today:
Dear Creator from The Skinnery, you created the cute "Oh Deer" Tattoo, for Mesh Bodies and the LeLutka head, also on a System layer ONLY for the Body!?! Why not for the face? Not everyone has/wants a LeLutka head, pretty sure you will lose some sales that way. Maybe you can still add a face Tattoo?
Wild Cat Eyeshadow and Lip Stripe by The Wicked Peach
Aeryn PA Skin by PXL
Mitsuko hair by Ayashi
Incense Hair Pins by Takeo
Yara Outfit incl bracelets by Velvet Whip
Medieval Camper Backpack by Velvet Whip
Capri Legs by Aisha


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