Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

The Second Annual Spread the Love Expo

The SLGBT Alliance is proud to present The Second Annual Spread the Love Expo (opens later today)!
Join us as 25 incredible designers unite with *New* and *Exclusive* Items for this two week long event in efforts to raise money for The Human Rights Campaign!
What is the SLGBT Alliance?

The SLGBTA is a Second Life network of creators and community members. Our mission is not only to bring together the LGBT Communities of Second Life, but also to raise linden for various real life charities that promote and support the LGBT cause. Each event we host benefits an alternating Real Life charity!
This year's Spread the Love Expo, will raise linden for The Human Rights Campaign, an out-of-world organization that helps to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by working to increase understanding and encourage the adoption of LGBT-inclusive policies and practices.
For more information about The Human Rights Campaign's mission, visit:  

Let me Show you some of the items you can get there:
One Love T-Shirt by SYSY`s
5 Pocket JEans by blissiere
Purple Argyle glasses by The Vintage Touch
Bracelet and Love rainbow Ring by Mesh Glam
Phaedra and Phaedros followers by Dwarfins (also Phaedra and Phaedra + Phaedros and Phaedros available)
Spread the Love painting by Chiana Oh
Furniture, Heart Cookie Box and  Champagne bucket by Follow US


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