Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

Excited for Hair Fair?

Hair Fair 2014 starts on July, 12th! Did you check out the Winner of the Photocontest yet?
Are you a lucky winner of early Access and what are you gonna do till then?
I decided to spent some time at the Beach until Blogger preview.
I guess you like the top i am wearing? Sorry to tell you it`s just a teaser for you and a way to pressure my friend Aeon Crystal to set them up in her new store SOON!
Derry Shorts by coldLogic 50% off SUMMER SALE
Hair 51 by Eaters Coma
Sandale des vacances by NuDoLu for The Chapter 4
Celestial pout Skin by Al Vulo

Nailpolish Set #3 by Flair
Amulet of Seraphina by Maxi Gossamer

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