Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

25 for 25 is running!

Charm anklets by trs mainstore
Licentia bows (customizable) by Pansu*Hunter
It`s that time again: 25 for 25 is running so go ad get things before it`s over!
Find all Infos about the Event HERE
How it works:
✿  Look for the 25-for-25 Designer Stall at each participating store.
✿  Items will be priced for the Event at 25L to 100L, and may include single items or gachas.
✿  Sales will open on the vendors at 12:01AM SLT on the 25th.
✿  Sales will close on the vendors at 1:00AM SLT on the 26th.
25 stores.
25 hours.

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